Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object Oriented Software


‘Design Patterns’ is a classic that still manages to be super practical even for today. The book abstracts out the reusable patterns from proven large code project organizations.

And these patterns are described to be easily portable and adaptive to various scenarios as fit.

Class Patterns vs. Object Patterns

One thing I noticed is that the authors are fully aware of the contrast between object-based and class-based code programming models. This opened my eyes a lot, as I always thought object-based OOP is relatively new, at lease as new as the new developments of the Javascript language. However it turns out to be a super old idea. Maybe as old as the time that C++ is invented.

This further explained that at lease a huge group of hackers intentionally chose the class-based model.

Creational, Structural, and Behavioral Patterns

Patterns are classfield in the three general categories.

Creational patterns are super important in object patterns, as composition is dominating inheritance.

Structural patterns are useful as codebase scales to involve a huge number of correlating structures, and we need consistent principles to navigate around.

Behavioral patterns are designed for adjusting and implementing functonalities attached to structural components.

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