Clean Code - Robert C. Martin

God is in the details. - Architect Ludwig mies van der Rohe.


Martin is mostly known for Agile development, as he is one of the major contributor of the Agile manifesto. However ‘Clean Code’ is, in my opinion, his best work. Because he clearly explained that clean code means to craftsmanship and professionalism.

Code is People first

Many works have defined code as the ‘media of communication’ between IT systems and people. And it’s meant equally for people and machines, if not more for people. Because the only code that survives would be those utilized and understood by human. Extending that, for something to be understandable, it must be ‘clean’. One of my favorite quote in the book: “Clean code is more of a story to be told to people, than instructions for machines”.

Clean Code is Craftsmanship

Clean code is also crucial for professional survival, as the authors pointed out. Software systems constructed are living entities, and constantly evolve. The only possible way for a system to evolve is to keep the code ‘clean’, so both seasoned developers and novices can work on it.

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