Finishing all 151 problems of Leetcode online judge

Finally almost finishing the journey of Leetcode. I’ve actually figured out how to appreciate an online judge and ways to use test data well.

All solutions hosted on Github:

Most importantly, the most effective way to enhance coding skills is to code more and more. DO NOT WASTE TIME ON PICKING LANGUAGES. Knowing more language will not take your brains messy, it will only make you a better programmer. Try to figure out the best ways to use EVERY programming language.

The next step? I’m currently reading the compiler ‘dragon book’.

I have come to believe the book will greatly deepen my understanding of the whole coding generation process, although I haven’t find it to be better than reviewing code.

Further, I’ve decided to use Top Coder problems as my next step. They have good problems for all difficulty levels, good test data, and good answers to all their old problems.

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