Protocols for reciting/reviewing answers to interview questions


  1. Read through old textbook, organize the contents into Q&A form
  2. Compile the questions into a deck of flashcards.
  3. Input the deck of cards into a memorization software/website
  4. Setup a time, everyday (say 2 pm), review the selected cards from the software
  5. The software will automatically generate the desired selection/amount of memory to deal with each day.
  6. Repeat until the software no longer pop up unknown cards.

Why this is helpful

  1. Memorization is essentially a cycle-repetition work, no tricks can be made. So the best method is to make the repetition convenient and efficient.
  2. Q&A form stimulates active thinking and reasoning, rather than hard, tedious reciting.
  3. The selection of cards is made by application of the memory curve.
  4. The memorization process actively feeds backed into the software, helping it to decide which questions need more work. Therefore modifies the memory curve.
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